Welcome to Pearl River Productions

Pearl River Productions is a small production company dedicated to creating original documentaries for broadcast, educational and industrial use. Our projects range from documentaries such as One Day in Ping Wei, shot entirely on location in China, to a history of the Wianno Senior, a Cape Cod built racing boat with a history that dates back almost a century.

dvd_cover_beetlecatOur Latest DVD! The Beetle Cat

Twelve feet long and half as wide the Beetle Cat is without question a small boat. She was originally built on the promise of affordability – $300 bought a hardy and seaworthy vessel – complete with sails and it’s a promise that through almost a century of building those who make the Beetle have strived to keep.
To see them racing across the water is to behold a timeless passage of summer, a multi-colored rainbow of sail – but the Beetle Cat traces its long lineage back to the beginnings of America, a time when men set forth to all points of the globe, propelled by the power of the wind and a yearning for adventure. Available Now…more info