WHERE DREAMS ARE MADE. A Year At Crosby Yacht Yard


From the Crosby Cat Boat to the Wianno Senior and the Crosby Striper this Cape Cod boat yard has created some of the most iconic vessels in US History. Weaving together a history dating back to 1790 with stories told by the men who built them, this documentary follows a year at a business almost as old as America itself…learn more.



THE BEETLE CAT – A Small Boat With A Big History

Twelve feet long and half as wide the Beetle Cat is without question a small boat. She was originally built on the promise of affordability – $300 bought a hardy and seaworthy vessel – complete with sails and it’s a promise that through almost a century of building those who make the Beetle have strived to keep. To see them race across the water is to behold a timeless passage of summer, a multi colored rainbow of sail – but the Beetle traces its long lineage back to the beginnings of America, a time when men set forth to all points of the globe, propelled by the power of the wind and a yearning for adventure…learn more.



LADY OF THE SOUND – The Wianno Senior

Almost a century after the first Wianno Seniors were launched the fleet continues to race on the very waters for which it was designed. Lady of the Sound follows the story of this distinctive boat from the building of the first Seniors in 1913 to the devastating 2003 fire at Crosby Yacht Yard that destroyed much of the fleet. The subsequent rebuilding is a testament to the depth of passion those who sail her have for this legendary boat. The Wianno Senior is a constant in an ever changing world and this documentary captures the pride of the men who built them and the spirit of those who sail them…learn more.